The Importance Of Privacy In New Media

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Privacy in new media is a common topic today’s information-saturated society. The outburst in social networking sites is an exciting opportunity to connect and network. But at the same time privacy is under threat. Users are sharing large no of data on social medias/ Internet. Privacy is the individual or group information and their ability to keep them or reveal partially. Privacy is also about the right to know who collects this information, why the information is being collected, and how it will be used. (Soffer and Cohen, 2015) Privacy is subjective to an individual or group; sometime it is about being anonymous in the public. Since social media have become an integral part of human life and their use has been increased significantly over recent years. With the amount of data being collected and manipulated our privacy is being compromised in different ways. ➢ Computerization of records by the government and private companies ➢ Increased use of electronic surveillance technologies by law enforcement ➢ The increasing…show more content…
They surveyed 1261 Internet users from five cities (Bangalore, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and New York) to study multinational and multicultural user’s views and social responses concerning online privacy. The results were surprising, the response from users showed the individual differences. Age, gender, Internet experience, race and national culture significantly influenced the privacy concerns of each user. It showed the extend Internet users from a personal culture were more concerned about online privacy than their counterparts. One of the prediction they made was “There will be a negative relationship between internet-related experiences and online privacy concern”. Although this study was limited with figures collected online, it give some insight to the topic (Cho, Sanchez and Lim,

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