The Importance Of Privacy In Health Care

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Patients conceived being secured as privacy. Patients may not want to be seen in a place that might expose them during consultation or physical examination. They are expected to protect their private from other health care providers, patients or other people during consultation and physical examination. Patients expected that everything is about them and the health care provider. There is no need of interferences and being exposed from other sides. But privacy was differed between patients as well as circumstances as what was important for the patient and the consequences. One participant stated that: “I don’t want to be seen by others…… I believe that patients including me likes to control over from other people perception”. Privacy is…show more content…
They considered it important that health providers invited them to participate gave them advice and did not withhold information. In their opinion, decisions should be taken in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, thus enabling them influence their situation and the care. Patients experienced as being acknowledged when they practice contact with the health care provider. Patients consider themselves to be participating when the staffs give them information relevant to their circumstances and about what is going on around them. Being acknowledged means being noticed through eye and/or verbal contact when the patient’s condition so demands. Participation is considered to be welcomed when staff expresses interest and ask open-ended questions in a language that patients understand. Questions presuppose that there will be time and opportunity for the patient to…show more content…
Patients experience different health problems hence they want to get adequate diagnostic facilities and drugs in the hospital. They did not want to be referred in the private sector to get diagnostic facilities and drugs since private facilities are relatively costly. The reason to come to the hospital is to get their problems to be known by the health care provider by getting adequate laboratory investigations and get appropriate drugs in the hospital compound. Getting services of lab investigations and appropriate drugs in the hospital compound is related to fulfilling patient needs. Patients expect important diagnostics and drugs should be avail in the hospital compound. Patients experience that shortage of diagnostic materials and drugs in the hospital preserves patients from unexpected costs and wastage of time to acquire it. Patients need important diagnostics and drugs related to their disease in the hospital. One participant
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