Privacy In Social Media

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One of the most important parts in any aspect of every individual is privacy. Privacy is something that needs to be respected. As much the privacies of every other aspect are or should be respected, there should be a similar sense to the privacy of our data, as it 's as important as others. There should be an understanding of one 's choice to keep things private and it should be welcomed by the audience in general. The issue of privacy is important and there are hardly any people who are bothered by this issue. It 's time that everyone opens their eyes and starts taking notes on what 's going on in the social media world, a world where privacy is disrespected to its core. Not everyone wishes to share everything to everyone. There are people,…show more content…
This promotion of the company means that the company is benefited on a large scale. With the growth of Facebook, the growth of clients, that keep an eye on the impact of their ads and on their business, was evident. The impact of Facebook on their business was enormous and they, the clients, stuck with it. Considering the amount of money these companies have to pay to this social media giant, it is obvious that they get benefited from these add campaigns. Facebook needs to give them the confidence that their adds are not just spread over the globe for the people to see but also to reach the main target audience, the audience that 's really interested in their products and wants to buy these products. The target audience can be reached only when the likes and dislikes of the audience are known. By this information can be collected and the target audience can be attained. Social networking platforms have different strategies to know and to get the information from you. Your likes and dislikes are known and then sold to these greedy

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