Internet Privacy Threats

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Internet plays a major role in modern day society being used for shopping, gaming, social media, research, reading and many other things. It’s an online track to connect people all around the world, allowing ideas and knowledge to be shared in the blink of an eye. Basically the internet is just a treasure chest full of delightful, harmful, hilarious, sensitive and private information. Privacy is an important matter to all people, especially in the digital age where 79% of Americans shop online. It might make a person 's skin crawl to comprehend that a government agent is creeping through their search or purchase history. So government on all levels, local, state, and federal, should not engage monitoring basic internet activity such as shopping,…show more content…
For the sake of the security in America, the federal government monitor possible threats thoroughly. History has proven that the use of internet monitoring the FBI, has prevented several threats: scams, terrorism, and fraud schemes. A recent example is of a man named David Wright, who was arrested in October 2017 for conspiring with others to carry out a deadly attack on American soil. Wright got busted due to him conducting online research on various weapons and deadly bomb making materials. In this instance no one got hurt due to incompetence by Wright, giving off many red flags warning hints of a transgression. However most malicious people aren’t bold enough like him to search: “How to start a secret militia in the United States.” Thankfully, the federal government seems to have a reliable tracking system based off suspicious activity and keywords that prove to be helpful to prevent terrorist…show more content…
Big cities could use the internet monitoring to prevent gang violence. Cities like Chicago, where a February 2017 reports show a boost in the homicide rate. The blame is placed on a poorly operated police force which allowed around 1,700 or more deaths occur in Chicago between 2016 and 2017. The monitoring of criminals online activity for shady actions, might reap benefits of getting better detailed information about gang hang out spots or drive by shooting locations. Such crucial information could prevent, violence, death, robbery and drug deals before they even start. Creating a tougher environment for gangs to operate allows conditions safer for everyone in the community.
Plans of doing crime and carrying out attacks are forming everyday, so it is very possible that soon the government will need to tighten up it’s internet moderation. Hopefully, the federal government doesn’t over step its power and abuse it to spy on average people. Possibly having the government destroy the folly from around the internet would be national outrage. So the government should stay on the path of monitoring the internet only for those who seem shady. Actions such as internet monterdation being used as a tool to protect is proving imperative to human progression in our digital
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