Essay On Being Alone

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We all face difficulties in our lives. Often such difficulties can lead us into great depression. A lot of emotions connect to what we do. It affects the way one thinks of viewing his or her life. Yet, if we try we can improve and gain more understanding of ourselves. In the untitled picture by David S. Waitz, we see a man standing in a glass booth alone. While at the back there is a person who looks to see what he does. In representation to this we also face similar outcomes in life, when we feel as if being alone will help letting you understand what you have done. Like the man in the glass booth when we learn the significance of our difficulties we then change for the better. Personal, I have overcome the same difficulties in life. When I shoplifted, it put me through a stage of depression. I…show more content…
We choose our own thoughts, reactions and emotions. We don’t always have to take everything negatively. Through the action I took of shoplifting, I realized how upset I always felt and therefore I wanted to change myself to make me happy and everyone else happy. Through this time in life I realized that our actions do speak for ourselves, and we need to learn that sometimes we do need to change ourselves so nobody gets hurt. When I felt lonely like the man in the glass booth, I then realized that I don’t want to be this lonely person anymore. I wanted to enjoy my life, but not in way where I took the wrong action to please myself. I discovered that I wasn’t a person who likes to feel that upset all the time and always be thinking of what I did wrong. Instead I wanted to be the person who learns from a mistake and improves from it. I discovered that I can change for my well being and for the well being of others. In addition, over the course of this stage in life I learned to find out what who I really wanted to be. Like me others can change the way they want to be, because negativity won’t take you
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