Procrastination In College Essay

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Have you ever had much time to do an assignment but you decided to do it at the last minute? Is it helping you achieve your academic goals? Many college students have become accustomed to doing their academic tasks at the last moment because they usually say, "I work best under pressure" to justify their behavior in college. This practice has led to the procrastination, the tendency to postpone what is necessary to reach a goal, has become a chronic disease affecting a large segment of the university population. In some countries, it is estimated that over 70% of students exhibit this behavior (Schouwenburg quoted in Knezevic). Consequently, procrastination leads to an increase in feelings such as anxiety and panic as well, as a reduction in the grades of courses that students take. Therefore, it is crucial for students and universities, notably the University of Costa Rica (UCR), Guanacaste campus, work together to tackle this problem and improve students ' study habits.
Procrastination increases anxiety, panic and the chance of contracting certain diseases. At the beginning of each university
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Therefore, reducing the procrastination effects on student health is not a simple task. Students must commit to making changes in their study habits to decrease their chances of becoming ill at the end of the semester. Creating a timeline is an option to avoid procrastination. However, this timetable should be very detailed and contemplate that the assignment will be carried out by advances. Besides, it should establish the deadlines at which each stage of the tasks must be completed. This simple change can be a great solution to this problem. Remember that having a single deadline for college assignments is like an invitation to
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