Ethical Issues In Research And Practice Essay

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3. Nurses and the profession:

The nurse takes the main role in determining and implementing acceptable standards of clinical nursing practice, management and education. The nurse is active in developing and maintaining a core of professional ethics. The nurse acting through the professional organization, participates in creating a positive practice climate and maintaining safe, equitable social and economic working conditions in nursing. The nurse practices to sustain and protect the natural environment and is aware of its cost on health. The nurse contributes to an ethical organizational climate and challenges unethical practices and settings(Zahedi &Sanjari ,2013).

4. Nurses and co-workers:

The nurse maintains a collaborative and respectful relationship with co-workers in nursing field .The nurse takes appropriate …show more content…

Nurses must have awareness about their professional ethics because they are taught in the course of their training. Intervening factors such as gender, religion and professional ranks among nurses have influence on their awareness to influence how they perceive the ethical standards in their professional practice. This informs whether they apply professional ethics or not .

Intervening factors have an influence on whether the nurses are adhering partial or fully. With regards to monitoring and sanctions, when nurses are supervised by their supervisors to ensure that they follow their ethics in their professional practice, they will observe them. nurses will comply when they have awareness about sanctions that could be meted out to them should they breach any of the ethical provisions .monitoring and sanctions also influence how nurses perceive and comply to their professional ethics. This monitoring is ultimately oriented towards the goal of making sure that all nurses adhere to the ethical standards in their professional practice

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