The Importance Of Education In The 21st Century

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It is hard to imagine a time when the opportunity and need to change the student’s education has been greater. I would define 21st-century knowledge and skills as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and technology literacy. Student learning must go beyond mastery of core subjects. A teacher needs to know their material well and use whatever methodology is required to deliver that material in order for each student to have the opportunity to learn in their own way. The Professional Dispositions mention all aspects of professionalism for today’s teacher (Laureate, 2016). There are also various views from different professionals in the field of education of what professionalism is and should be for teachers. Fullan and Hargreaves…show more content…
“I demonstrate flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances and student needs” (Laureate, Inc., 2016). The fast-paced teaching of the 21st century places new demands on all of us, as students and teachers. To productively engage in our democracy and compete in our global economy, all students need strong, well-rounded academic foundations, cultural and global competencies, the ability to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems, and strong digital literacy skills (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards) Teachers and principals, who are critical to ensuring this high quality education, need a similar and wide range of knowledge, skills, and strategies to guide their students now more than ever. It is crucial to meet the challenges that confront us. We need to ensure that highly skilled and effective educators are at their peak. I realize there is no one path to success. Different schools, personnel, administrators, and teachers employ different approaches and take different pathways. We should remain consistent in that every student will graduate high school and be prepared for postsecondary study, be well informed, and ready for what’s ahead in life. I believe we judge our success in transforming the teaching profession by our students’ outcomes. I find myself sometimes seeing my students succeeding and feeling proud of what I have taught them. Those that do not do as well, I ask myself, “what could I have done
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