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Proficiency and Currency Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Proficiency and Currency Aviation is an art that deals with design, development, and operation of aircrafts. It is one of the largest industries and its growth over the past few years is phenomenal. The sector serves the public by moving people between two distant places. In fact, it is the fastest and most convenient form of transport so far. Hence, a majority of people prefer using it. However, for it to function, it needs well-trained personnel such as pilots. Therefore, the pilots need to have some qualities and skills which include currency and proficiency to have the ability to fly the airplanes most conveniently. Currency is the tendency of belonging to…show more content…
Hence, they need to manage proficiency and currency within a reasonable budget. Firstly, one can fly regularly for shorter periods of thirty to forty five minutes instead of two hours. This way, the corporate saves more money as it adds more skills to pilots (Goehlich et al., 2013). Also, two pilots can share the airplane the same time. It saves on the fuel but increases the time on the cockpit which improves the currency and proficiency of both pilots. Lastly, simulators are an excellent choice for practice. Interestingly, they are valuable when dealing with weather issues. For instance, an instructor can change the weather and reduce the visibility to see how the pilot reacts (Goehlich et al., 2013). Furthermore, simulators are excellent to practice in-flight failures which are not done on an actual plane. Therefore, it increases the skills of the pilots and does not affect the budget. Improving the currency and proficiency of pilots is an essential thing for the organization to invest in. It may be expensive and not within the budget, but it reduces the number of accidents globally since the pilots are competent. Moreover, the safety of passengers to get to their final destinations is

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