The Importance Of Programming Language

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Programming language is an instruction to a machine that are generated and understandable by human being. Programming language designed in order to communicate with a machine so that a program can be develop to solve some problem and task that is more complex and only can be solve by a machine like computer. In addition, programming language had existed from the early 1800s years ago. There are thousands of different programming language that had been develop for example, C programming language, C++, C#, Java, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and Phyton.
In this era, we can see that programming language is widely used along with the rapid development of advance technologies. For example, smart home, smart car and smartphone. All of this technologies
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This will give chance to the student that master in many type of programming languages to have a wider job scopes in the future. For example, to become a game developer, student need to have a good skill and knowledge in Java and C#. Besides that, to become a Web Developer, student must have some skill in handling HTML 5 language. Therefore, those who master on several type of programming languages, can get more opportunity because they can fit into any IT position in the future. Furthermore, according to Craig Buckler (2015), most of the IT company nowadays do not hire people that can work with only one type of programming language. This is because, most of the companies have a lot of big project that require them to use multiple type of programming language in order to develop a program or software that meets client’s…show more content…
Therefore, some suggestions are proposed to enhance ICT student’s skill in programming. Firstly, ICT students should be able to master more than one programming language because not all apps that had been develop by the big company nowadays use only one type of programming language. Firstly, ICT students should engage in more practical coding for many types of language. This will help them to master in many programming language, indirectly they can develop a complex program that consist of many programming languages. For instance, to develop a dynamic website, student need to use at least five programming languages including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Servlet and JSP. This is because different language has different function.
Furthermore, ICT students should enter or join more programming contests as it may help them to improve their skills and become professional programmers because during the contest they can share skill and knowledge with

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