The Importance Of Progress

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Progress is an important part of of living, human almost, always have room for improvement . Living without making process mean we are not moving forward. But, obviously, now progress causes a lot of environmental issues and some negative effects on people ' lives as well. However, there is more to gain from progressing than It is to harm. To start with, progress seems to make life easier and more comfortable for everyone on earth. But not simpler, advancing in technological for instance makes it a lot quicker to get things done in a push of a bottom. It was harder in the early 70s for the people to communicate. In this generation, we have a lot of machines that have been developed, for examples, aircraft, motor vehicles, smartphones, and computer with full access of the internet we get to access and anything we want to. These ideas were already existed since the early ages; however, without progress we would not have been able to develop those ideas and bring them to live and make even more out of them without process. Without a doubt, these progressed tools are extremely valuable to us. with the innovation of the internet, individuals are able to communicate with one another with no frustration, we communicate world wide any place on the globe with internet access. Things that used to takes months, even days to be done In the past, now will be done in matter of hours. There were no planes, it used to take months by boats to travel from one continent to another but
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