Essay On The Importance Of Pronunciation In English Language Teaching

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Introduction In English teaching learning, there are four skills in learn English. Reading and listening as a receptive skill and speak and writing for productive skill. In teaching English when speaking surely the most important is pronunciation because of it is the most important thing in speaking (Schmitt, 2002). Many teachers spend much time while in the process of teaching and learning to how to diff. Differentiate between of sounds and say so clearly one to suite in a context. The incoming message can be understood students if they have been accustomed to hearing real language with all its linking, trimming, blending of sounds so that they can have good skills in listening. Computer software through of sounds, rhythm, intonation,…show more content…
When a teacher teaches English subject especially in learning pronunciation, she or he have to know that pronunciation teaching is to improve their speaking immeasurably not only makes students aware of different sound and sound features. Some teachers make little attempt to teach pronunciation in any overt way and only give attention to it in passing. It is possible that they are nervous of dealing with sounds and intonation; perhaps they feel have too much to do already and pronunciation teaching will only make things worse. There are many factors that influence language teaching, especially English pronunciation teaching. Beside teacher should select the media that suitable to be applied in teaching English pronunciation, they also should know how to teach pronunciation well. One of the best ways to practice and improve our spoken English is use English pronunciation software. There are some reasons why pronunciation software is a great tool we can use to practice our spoken English. First, software program have animated diagrams that teach we the correct tongue placement for each vowel and consonant sound. We can see the correct mouth position for each sound, not just hear the sounds being pronounced. Second, the best software programs have speech recognition features that give we immediate feedback to let we know if we are making the words and sounds correctly. We can pronounce word over

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