Joseph Goebbels: The Use Of Propaganda Under Adolf Hitler

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Propaganda has been used in history and modern day to persuade or present information to people that might be true or false depending on the view of the person. The definition of propaganda is ideas, information, and other material made to win people over to a doctrine. Propaganda is important to any totalitarian regime, to show the population that their condition is completely normal and hide the truth from the people. Nazis had used propaganda and manipulated the German people with their deception and false promises. Propaganda did not just appear everywhere with no help; Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda under Adolf Hitler. Joseph Goebbels adored Hitler so much and did everything possible to make Hitler content. Use of propaganda…show more content…
An example of ally propaganda is "Daffy-the Commando", which can be seen in the appendix as image reference three, a Looney Tunes character that was turned into a soldier. Daffy was a funny character that was never taken seriously by any of the other characters in Looney Tunes, and by taking a character such as Daffy invading Nazi territory with ease and mess around with a Nazi officer and soldiers. Following that, Daffy went flying out of a cannon and interrupted Hitler during a speech by hitting Hitler on the head with a wooden hammer. Once Hitler was hit by the hammer, Hitler started to cry like a baby, making a strong figure for the Nazis look so weak by getting hit and beginning to cry. The episode was released in 1943, so potentially the allies would view the cartoon as a morale booster or other significance seeing the enemy as…show more content…
The news takes a story and use their creativity to word the story in such a way, that anyone can be seen as the bad person. To take a small situation and manipulate it into some enormous problem that needs to be addressed is something that happens all too often on social media and news sources. Trump and Kim Jong-un are two people that the media loves to discuss about. When the North Korean Supreme Leader had talked about a nuke in their possession that can potentially reach Hawaii, Trump backlashed by talking about the nukes and rockets the United States that can be launched. A cartoon illustrated by The Federalist Papers, shows president Trump facing off with Kim Jong-un with a bunch of war-heads facing Kim. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un only has one small rocket at North Korea's disposal. Even though president Trump can say that the United States is capable of winning in a pissing contest of who has a rocket that is bigger. The president should not use assets that the United States has to just to prove a point. Media already eats up anything that the president says and changes his words to create a story that will sell. "Fake news" is true to a certain point, because sometimes the media will alter stories so much that it will grab the attention of the reader. Getting only the truth from a media source is rare, because people will bias towards things to their liking compared to another

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