The Importance Of Proper Nutrition

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Proper nutrition is an aspect of our daily life that should be a concern to everyone. One of the many reasons why you need adequate diet is because it gives you the energy. It protects you from contracting illness and infection. Proper nutrition also benefits your mind, as it nourishes the cells within the brain. This allows for proper psychological functioning.
The right supply of nutrients in your daily diet supports cognitive functioning 1. Cognition is the mental processes that involve acquiring knowledge which influences your mood. Judging by the overwhelming rate of obesity in Western countries, the excessive food consumption rate implies to be almost as harmful as the lack of it in poverty-stricken countries.
Over the years, diet has had a significant role in brain evolution The advancement in molecular biology has revealed the potential of food-derived signals to influence your cognitive ability 1. Human feeding habits have been intrinsically related to the onset of human civilization. Your choice of what to eat is primarily influenced by your way of life, religion, and society.
Feeding has become an intrinsic human routine that emphasizes the influence of dietary factors to modulate mental health. Though food has been perceived as a way of building material and provides energy to your body, its ability to protect and prevent your body against diseases is starting to be recognized.
Numerous studies over the past decade have provided compelling evidence of the

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