Michael Shermer's What Is Psuedoscience?

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Furthermore, the cold fusion incident, along with many other incidents involving pseudoscience and non-science has harmed the reputation of scientists and the scientific community as a whole. With a countless amount of pseudoscience’s and non-sciences “posing as science,” the credibility of what science actually is and the scientific community is at risk (Hansson). When scientists spend their whole day in a lab conducting experiments trying to figure out a cure for cancer or how to better protect the environment, they should not be discredited or take the blame for neither the misconduct of others and/or the spreading of false information that has not been approved by the scientific community. According to the article “What Is Psuedoscience?” by Michael Shermer where he quotes Michael D. Gordin, a historian of science from Princeton University, he reiterates that “No one in the history of the world has ever self-identified as a pseudoscientist” (Gordin). Now, imagine a world where everyone can claim to be a…show more content…
Due to such a claim, many parents have decidedly refuse to give their children vaccinations in fear of causing autism to their child, which in turn actually puts the life of their child and many others at risk, In any case, the purpose of getting a vaccine is to not only prevent the person getting it from contracting a disease, but it is also an effort made to protect the major public as well. Because there are cases where the health of an individual does not permit them to be vaccinated, it is imperative that those who are able to get vaccinated because this reduces the risks of someone getting a disease and then spreading it to the unvaccinated

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