The Importance Of Psychological Assessment

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Psychological assessments according to Coaley (2010) is a mode of assessment that aims to further understand the psychology of an individual. Psychological assessment goes deeper than just a test, the true process incorporates the complex integration of information from a range of different assessment measures in order to gain a holistic picture of the individual being assessed (Coaley, 2010).

This assignment aims to provide a deeper understanding on the various application areas of psychological assessment, the administration of fair and non-discriminatory assessment practices, the process and requirements of developing a new psychological measure as well as the development of leadership capabilities of employees through assessment centres.
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3. Management of Psychological Assessments

The ethical and fair use of assessment measures in any context is vitally important and should be considered in any process. Fairness according to Moerdyk (2015) is the described as a process where individuals who have similar attributes are treated equally but ultimately differentiates those individuals who possess attributes that are different.

According to International Test Commission (1999), a fair assessment process typically involves an appropriate, fair, professional and ethical use of assessment measures, an assessment practitioner taking into account the needs and rights of all individuals involved in the assessment process, the assessment practitioner ensuring that the assessment measure that is administered is a close match to the purpose for which the assessment results will be used and lastly the assessment practitioner should take the broader social, political and cultural contexts into consideration before, during and after the assessment process (as cited in Foxcroft & Roodt,
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The Employment Equity Act (EEA) is another form of governance and this documents role, together with the HPCSA, is to ensure ethical standards are upheld by all professionals in the psychology body. According to Tomu (2013), the HPCSA ethics code as well as the EEA guide an assessment practitioner’s daily activities as well as ensure that all practices are conducted in a fair and unbiased manner. The Government Gazette (2014), states that psychometric testing and all other testing that is similar of employees in an organisational context is prohibited unless the psychometric measure is valid and reliable, can be applied fairly to all employees and is not biased against any

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