The Importance Of Psychology In Nursing

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Maya Angelou once stated, “They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel.” In today’s society, nurses are the true heroes of the medical field. Nurses are critical thinkers, caregivers, and the shoulder to cry on when patients need it the most. This honorable profession is not for everyone, but the people who can endure all the difficulties of being a nurse will change lives. While nurses have all different ways of dealing with patients, psychology prepares nurses how to interact and deal with different situations as a result of health psychology determining if the patient is really ill, coping styles will help deal with the amount of stress and social and developmental psychology can help nurses diagnose patients using proper behavior. Nurses administer care for ill and injured patients; however, to deliver the proper care professionally nurses use health psychology to diagnose patients. Health psychology is to understand “the importance of psychological influences on health, illness, and how people respond when they become ill” (Spielman 492). Every once and a while, people will come into the hospital thinking there is something wrong with them, but actually there is nothing wrong with them and they are as healthy as a horse. The mind is a vital role of knowing if you are sick or not, and people trick themselves into thinking they are ill. Nurses use health psychology to look at all the factors like “stress, hostility, and depression” (Radwan
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