The Importance Of Public Health

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“The obligation of the government is to protect the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of its citizenry” Allan Wolf. Therefore, delivery of an adequate health system to the population should be of utmost importance to any government. However this system varies from government to government and country to country, leaving organizations and institutions to take the mantle. The World Health Organization, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), among others, have placed public health as their focal point, understanding the importance of it to the stabilization of the world. These organizations have been promoting public health throughout the world in places where governments have…show more content…
Prevention can be classified in primary, secondary and tertiary levels (Smith 2010). Primary prevention aims to avert diseases or injury before it ever occurs. This is done by limiting exposures to hazards and altering unhealthy or unsafe behaviours. Therefore public health agencies should‰ monitor health status to establish community health issues. Should exposure occur, primary prevention is the resistance to disease or injury. Secondary prevention is the identification and application of treatment of diseases or injuries in a timely manner, thus reducing its progress to advanced stages. Tertiary prevention emcompasses assisting people to accept the extent of chronic illnesses and or permanent disabilities, identification and implementation of coping mechanisms which will in turn, improve their quality of…show more content…
The Ministry of Health (MOH) is the primary agency entrusted with the responsibility of the health of the people of Guyana. Health is a central principle for Guyana and it is a basic right of every citizen. Consequently, the administration has implemented national frameworks which include, but are not limited to, the National Health Sector Strategy 2008-2012. This strategy was mandated to provide strategic direction in which the national health systems and services were organized and delivered (World Health Organization 2013). The Ministry of Health also plays a pivotal role in the coordination of the public health system ensuring that it complies with the government’s National Health

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