The Importance Of Public International Law

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Public International Law is a body of rules that legally binds States together in their interactions with other states as well as with individuals and different organizations. International law covers a range of activities such as the conducts of war, trade, human rights, the sharing of oceanic resources, and diplomatic relations. Although the structure of international law is based around sovereign equality, the system itself has been put into question of whether or not it’s been built in favor of the stronger states over the weak. This paper will provide three examples as to how the system of international law is biased toward the stronger sovereignties of the world against the weaker ones.
When it comes to powerful states, it seems rather difficult to constrain them to international law without the elements of community interests or the balance of power. It is therefore believed that international law itself is instrumental to, and shaped by, power. International law often reflects as a tool used by the most powerful states to exert their influence and dominance onto the less powerful states. For example, powerful states can, in some areas, use international law as a means to regulate or stabilize their dominance while in other areas, they can withdraw from it by pursuing other means such as replacing it with domestic laws, making it easier for the dominating states to establish hierarchies and to directly govern other states. When a stronger state decides not to comply
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