The Importance Of Public Relations

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“There is no point in doing public relations because as humans we are prone to error anyway. A mistake is likely to happen in the public domain no matter what.” This statement bothers me, because although humans are prone to error no matter what, public relations is still an important component that needs to be considered in the face of the public domain. Diminishing public relations is quite impossible, because we live in a world that is connected through traditional and new media. The boundaries of what media can or cannot reach have been blurred, and there is now a challenge to make broadcasting messages clear and effective to the audience. This is where public relations comes in.

The objective of public relations is to gain favorable public opinion. It is important in establishing a good reputation and relationship with the public. Most of the organizations or corporations that incorporate public relations into their system usually have an edge, because of the trust that they gained from the public. Their reputations were built up by public relations. Establishing a good reputation through public relations can make human errors less likely to happen. And if ever it does happen, a good public relations team can find ways to turn the situation around and make it better. Sometimes, these “mistakes” may even be a good chance for the public relations team to make the company look better, depending on whether the error was handled correctly and efficiently. Therefore, it is

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