The Importance Of Public Relations

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According to Institute of Public Relations ‘Public Relations practice is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics.’
Public relations is an integral part of any company’s ongoing marketing plan. But the execution of Public Relations campaigns depends upon the goals. So what a public relations does normally? Public relations is mainly involved in lot of activities which enhance brand image of the company as well as the source of exposing the services and products a company offers. It also forms an integral part of company’s promotional strategies. The positioning of a company can be done via effective Public Relations strategies.
Normally, a good Public Relations strategy is aligned to the company’s vision, mission and objectives at corporate level. It is all about creating a good relationship between organization and the key interest groups which comprises of opinion leaders, customers, pressure groups, suppliers and the like. To get good understanding of perceptions among key audiences, Public Relations should also be involved in the continuous monitoring of press and media and should gauge opinions through primary as well as secondary research.
Public Relations can be projected as a management function as it forms the ‘ears’ and ‘eyes’ of an organization. Public Relations department has the clear view of what is happening within the organization and also the perception of their
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