The Importance Of Public Service In Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome was a great empire. Of course all great empires, in order to stay in power, must provide for the common good of the people. In order to do this, Rome needed to provide Public Service, protect the people’s rights, promote rule of law, prepare a common defence, and support the economic system.

The Romans did very well when it came to providing Public Service. The Romans created Aqueducts; commonly known as a plumbing system so that the people could have running water, indoor plumbing, public water fountains, baths, and a sewer system. Most of the Public Services provided in Rome were supported by aqueducts. For example, the public baths, water fountains, and sewer system all came from aqueducts. Creating a system of paved roads made it quicker and easier for the Roman army to move around the Roman Empire. The roads were also used for postal service so that messages could be sent to other parts of Rome because it was expanding a great deal. The roads were not just used by the postal service and the army, the people and merchants had access to the roads as well for travel and trade. One of the most well-known places in Rome was the Colosseum. Many events were held there such as animal fights and gladiator battles. Sadly around the 18th century, it was neglected and instead used as a source for building materials. Overall, I would give Rome an A for providing Public Service. They had a complex system of infrastructure that made people’s lives
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