The Importance Of Public Spaces

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1. Introduction: Public spaces are the stages for our public lives. They are the places shared by all members of a community, of any size. Quality public spaces are places where things happen and where people want to be. Streets comprise a large portion of publicly owned land in cities and towns. They also are a huge part of any community 's public space network, and historically served as meeting places, playgrounds for children, marketplaces, and more. Streets lost many of their functions and were instead designed and planned for one use: mobility. They were addressing the mobility needs of all street users (pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and other modes), however, during the last century, motorized movement has been prioritized over people as users of our streets. One of the most significant issues affecting the quality of urban life is the streets in our community. Well-planned street networks help create sustainable cities that support the environment, social and economic needs of their residents. 2. Research objective: Since we are all pedestrians, we are all affected by the quality and continuity of our community 's pedestrian system, if one exists. Likewise, we all stand to benefit from efforts to improve or provide facilities to accommodate walking. Yet, each community has a slightly different group of residents who will most benefit by pedestrian improvements; they should be identified and considered when priorities are established. These people

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