The Importance Of Public Transport

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Summary With the future of technological advancements growing closer and the need to sustain a growing economy, it is imperative that we focus on the development of a more sustainable environment. The first step in this solution is to look towards alternative energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint and evaluate the unsustainable actions that we have taken. In order to better our future, we must first investigate our past. With CO2 emissions reaching disastrous levels and future projections shown to escalate, if we do not act now the outcome could be devastating. This report will demonstrate the importance of public transport and look at our current emissions. It will also evaluate the largest transport providers and suggest improvements to the way they operate. Introduction As Ireland continues to grow its economy and expand its population; our transport sector must adapt and improve their performance in order to meet new requirements and evolve to accommodate a cleaner environment. Public transport has undertaken significant changes in the last century. It has been forced to grow as a result of increased urbanisation. A major factor in influencing this was the growth associated with the Celtic Tiger. This report is going to outline the importance of public transport, their current emissions profile and how we can improve their sectors to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future. Importance of Public Transport Public transport

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