The Importance Of Public Transportation

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Public transports are necessities to connect from different places. From cities to small towns, and everywhere in between, it provides transit for a daily mobility and links between people and their workplaces, education and entertainment. Thus, its availability and convenience determined the quality and develop optimize perception of public transport services in places. Moreover, it is the reason that improves the mobility efficient productivity and encourages economic activity thereby increasing national output and competitiveness. According to A.Aziz et . al., (2012), there is about 65% rate of urbanization in Peninsular Malaysia as a positive effect from aspiration towards economic competitive and wellbeing. There is also a demand for accessibility to jobs, health and education opportunities as well as increase the need for an effective and efficient public transportation system. In urban development, transportation was stated in Thrust 3 of Malaysian National Urban Policy which aims at an integrated and efficient urban transportation system. Vigorous urban development causes a significant impact towards our environment, especially on air quality. According to WHO (2014), air pollution may include both indoor and outdoor environment which is contaminated with chemical, physical and biological agent that may render the natural characteristics of atmosphere. Air pollution gives a risk to human and environmental health. Many of diseases such as stroke, heart disease,

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