The Importance Of Punctuality In Psychology

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Professional, competent practice for psychologists consists of demonstrating adherence to the principles of the profession, the way one presents themselves, and the action of taking responsibility for oneself (Fouad et al., 2009; Kaslow et al., 2009). Throughout my time at UND, I believe I have demonstrated those aspects of competent professional practice through my behavior, appearance, and my embracing of the precepts of the field of psychology. The following paper outlines my self-perceived skill areas within each competency, which are expected of graduate students within the field. I also outline areas for growth and strategies to achieve that growth. Professionalism Punctuality is a skill that I have acquired over many years and have aspired to throughout my academic endeavors. When planning out my day, I actively build in time to move between locations. When I say I am going to be somewhere, I make sure I am there. For instance, there were a few days this semester, where I had to shuffle my practicum hours. It was a complete change in schedule, yet I still maintained an early arrival both of the days that had to be adjusted. My punctuality is not isolated to my arrival times, either. I make it a habit of finishing assignments early enough that I am guaranteed to submit them on before the deadline. This is something that I have always worked to do. Similarly, if I sign up for a commitment, I do everything possible to ensure that I meet that commitment. A

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