The Importance Of Punishment

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If someone deserves something, it is intrinsically good when they get it. If someone wrote a good paper they should be praised and given good grade (I am cheeky and it is part of my charm). However, the opposite can be true as well. Suffering is given to those who deserve it, and those who deserve it usually did something that is seen as morally culpable. So it makes perfect sense that the guilty (the one who is morally culpable) deserves to suffer. So, it is intrinsically good when the guilty suffer. That would mean that the guilty that is accused of the crime should suffer the consequence of their actions, however big or small. So in turn, punishing the guilty and making them suffer is sometimes morally justified. Sometimes it is better that…show more content…
Punishment must be specific to the crime. A murderer and a thief cannot receive the same sentence. A murder is more of an extreme offense than that of a theft, so the former should suffer more for their crime than that of the latter. Punishment also depends on how guilty the person is for the crime they have committed. An accomplice should be given a sentence but the mastermind who lead the crime should be punished more and should in turn suffer more for the crime they committed. It is important that the guilty person is aware of them being worse off that before in order for the punishment to be effective. This is called experimental harm. Everybody has different triggers and how they do things. And thus the crime due to provocation is not always justified. If the guilty people try to make amends on their own they do not deserve punishment. For example, if you steal something, like may be a candy bar or something at Walmart, and then give it back, then it could be said that you are no longer guilty of theft. But that is not always the case, because even if you tried to give the stolen item back you can still get in trouble and suffer the consequence of your dumb actions- I speak from experience back when I was a dumbass teenager-- the story is that I opened a bag of chips at the store and I only took out one chip before I put back the bag, because I felt bad, even though I returned the item back I still got in trouble for my actions. There are also different
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