The Importance Of Purpose In Life

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What is your passion and purpose in life? Something which never fills you? Something you obsolete to do when you are not interested or get bored doing other things quickly. Pursuing your passion sounds to me like you are discovering a way to somehow pass your 60-80 years of lifespan. We are all born and we will all die. That 's just a fact, right? Today you have got these 60-80 years, shouldn’t we be enjoying it instead than planning for the years ahead and for the next generation. What if we live with death as the fact of life, does that change anything?
I have answered a bunch of things in my life, a lot of things of this age. But what we should do logically, should we sit alone and think, should we do meditation, should we do sex, should we study or do our task. Cause what we say when we suppose what is the substance of life. A dog takes birth, it then goes bad, would he be receiving the same question in his head. He keeps on barking, he eats and sleeps and then it drops dead, it processed the level of reactions happening in his idea and so do humans. Why do we look for a meaning in life? What good will it do to us to associate any meaning to our feeling, sounds more like a robot, if there is a significance to your life, then you are restrained by someone or somebody has allotted some task to you, so you are under someone’s control. And yes, you guessed it correctly, our society is completely under control, we control every other person we meet, we just like
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