Passion And Purpose In Life Analysis

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What is your passion and purpose in life? Something which never fills you? Something you obsolete to do when you are not interested or get bored doing other things quickly. Pursuing your passion sounds to me like you are discovering a way to somehow pass your 60-80 years of lifespan. We are all born and we will all die. That 's just a fact, right? Today you have got these 60-80 years, shouldn’t we be enjoying it instead than planning for the years ahead and for the next generation. What if we live with death as the fact of life, does that change anything?
I have answered a bunch of things in my life, a lot of things of this age. But what we should do logically, should we sit alone and think, should we do meditation, should we do sex, should
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Defining if they have done something right or wrong, but at the end of the day you will find someone who will justify your actions as well and someone who justify your actions as bad. It is all relative nothing is good or bad, that is the reason why it is written in geeta that you are sole person who knows if you are doing bad, "karma se bhav pradhan hota hai, ache motive se agar aap galat kaam bhi karoge toh who galat nahi hota", so basically if you feel guilty of something or feel that you are doing bad then you are doing bad and if you feel that was the right thing to do nobody can send you to hell. It pretty much proves there is no hell as there are no such criteria for hell and heaven. If killing is criteria for heaven/hell then all the nonvegetarians should go to hell. And if we believe that every vegetable had a life at some spot in time, so basically eventually every person is voting out someone. Today comes another thing, if you are killing ruthlessly not for a purpose, then it is a heinous crime and you will belong to hell and if you are killing for eating it is not a crime at all. If you defeat a specific strain of animal it will transmit you to hell and if you kill others you will be spared. Dude, come on, this is a god damn hypocrite society, all religions are the hypocrite. I myself can 't say for certain if there is a deity or not, but for sure he does not care about the hell or the heaven because if there was any hell then everybody should pass to the
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