Islam: The Importance Of Qadar In Islam

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Qadar in Islam simply means pre-ordainment or what is decreed for the whole universe by Allah prior to the creation according to His knowledge and dictate of His wisdom [1]. It is one of the articles of faith in Islam that teaches every Muslims how to make most out from their present life before the next thus, leave the end result to Allah Almighty [2]. Muslim must have firm believe in qadar because it is among the six pillars of faith and rejecting it means that one’s faith is incomplete in the sense that it was mentioned in the words of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when jibreel (peace be on him) ask him about faith (eeman). He said: ‘‘(it is) to believe in Allah, His angels, His book, His messengers, the last day, and to believe…show more content…
But those who are too arrogant to worship me will surely find themselves in hell, in humiliation. (Qur’an 40:60). The above mentioned Qur’an verse clearly shows the important of seeking help and supplicating to Allah. Dua’a in Islam is a spiritual means by which the believer praises, beseeching for help and guidance from Allah Almighty. It is a great form of worship in Islam, it serves as the weapon for the believer, it is the crucial bond between the creator and His slaves and also the best thing that Allah Almighty requests from His servant to engage in day and night, though Allah Almighty is not in need of any creation. If someone supplicates to his lord, he is recognizing and acknowledging his dependent and faith in Allah and the power in dua’a [5]. As it is stated in an authentic hadith that prophet said ‘‘Dua’a is the essence of worship.’’ (Musnad Ahmad and Tirmidhi). Also in another narration, the prophet said: ‘‘Qadar and dua’a encounter each other, and while the qadar is descending from the sky, dua’a will ascend–they encounter each other and which of them is stronger will…show more content…
Among the benefits of dua’a are:
1. it is the weapon any believer can use to fight any calamity or affliction
2. it can repress, treat and prevent any bad occurrence
3. it also benefits things that have occurred and that have not yet

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