The Importance Of Quality Improvement

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Leading to better health outcomes through a systematic focus on allocating the use of resources in the most cost-effective manner while maintaining quality of care quality improvements allow a health care facility to evolve and improve. According to Huber (2014), quality is defined as the characteristics and pursuit of excellence. The purpose of this paper is to explain the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s quality improvement management structure, including the program goals and objectives, the methodology and management of improvement projects, the process of nursing input for quality improvements, staff training and communication of quality improvement projects, and finally, past examples of successful quality improvement…show more content…
Although the input of nursing staff is informally gathered; ultimately, quality improvement changes and projects are solely those of the QIC and quality improvement committee. Therefore, the department does not provide routine quality improvement training to their nurses. The structure of the quality improvement process could be strengthened by providing annual trainings to instruct the clinic staff on ways to embrace quality improvement initiatives. Eid and Quinn (2017), conclude that when health care professionals, such as nurses, receive formal and regular trainings in quality improvement courses, attitudes towards change are more positive. Furthermore, the theme of a work culture that accepts, seeks, and implements quality improvement change is thought to be linked with staff who has undergone quality improvement trainings (Eid, & Quinn,…show more content…
Recently, there was found to be an error in the way drug allergies where being placed into a patient’s electronic healthcare record. Nurses were found to be placing wrong allergies and unverified reactions into the electronic record. Therefore, after a patient sustained a drug allergy reaction, after a nurse unknowingly removed the listed allergen from the electronic health record, a new process was implemented by the quality improvement committee. Now, when an allergy is edited in the electronic health care record, a warning window states that the allergen was altered or deleted and prompts the user to enter their user badge number to save the change. In this case, patient safety was strengthened from an accidental listed allergy modification. Another example, includes the change of transferring medications when a patient moved to another facility. Before the quality improvement change, when a medication was not available, it was simply not sent. This caused a great deal of confusion, missed medication doses, and medication administration delays. Finally, the quality improvement team placed a new directive to send four doses of medications from the transferring institution pharmacy stock if a patient did not have the refill medication to send. This process change has improved patient outcomes dramatically by allowing medications to be administered as prescribed.

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