The Importance Of Quality In Education

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Service sector accounts for a substantial share in Indian economy and among the service industries, education sector is emerging as a major commercial activity in the nation (Kaushik, 2012). Quality in education is fast emerging as an interesting and valued area of study. Educators and researchers across the world are constantly engaging themselves in identifying the nuances involved in quantifying the factor of quality in education through empirical studies. Though the area is still new, studies in the field are gradually filling up the vacuum. Some preliminary studies have also been done in the Indian context. However, there is a gap which needs to be bridged with some quality research endeavours. And more so in Indian scenario as the education sector is growing up at a rapid pace in the country. There is no unified terminology and the term “quality of education” is understood in different ways by different authors (Shauchenka & Buslowska, 2010). But in the last decade several factors have raised the concern regarding the quality of education imparted by the higher education institution. According to Cardoso (2010) factors such as performance indicators, accreditations, programme, and quality audits have emerged to judge the quality of education in these institutes. This has led to the emergence of a debate on the applicability of quality management principles, methodologies, and tools to the Higher Education sector. Today higher education has become a commercial
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