Quality Control System Essay

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According to Manghani (2011), the delivery of quality services could be enhanced with the help of the assurance of quality and control of the same. The article deals with the assurance of the quality and importance of the system that incorporates the standardization of the operating processes. The quality could be controlled with the help of effective quality control management system. It is compulsory for the companies to maintain the quality of the services all through. The monitoring of the quality and the evaluation of the satisfaction level of the customers are needed. The banking organizations in modern scenario are found to be conducting market research so as to collect information regarding the feedbacks of the customers regarding their satisfaction level. Efficient system of quality includes both quality assurance and system of quality control. The requirements of the quality are taken care of by the quality control system. The quality assurance confirms that the requirements of the quality are met by the management. The workability, suitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the system…show more content…
The attitudes and behavior of the management and the employees towards the implementation of the quality control system is very crucial. The representatives of the quality have to explain and made the employees comfortable with the system of quality controls. The significance of the quality control system could be better explained by the help of the efforts of the quality representatives. The organizations in the service sector are very responsive towards the establishment of employees’ contributions for making the implementation of the quality control system effective. The role played by the representatives of the quality is significant in influencing the employees of the organizations to grow positive perceptions regarding the control system of

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