The Importance Of Quality Service In The Hospitality Industry

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The objective of the study is to develop deeper understanding and importance of Quality service provision specifically in Hospitality industry. This allows us to explore the concept of quality management in Hospitality sector along with highlighting the application of quality assurance, control and monitoring aspects. The study is an attempt to enable the reader for effectively applying the knowledge to practice particularly in hospitality operation management.
Quality management in hospitality and tourism industry includes continuous delivery of quest services and products according to the standard expected. It is a fact that delivering quality service is essential challenge for hospitality managers and organization, from past several years it has become the secret of success in emerging market. There are several tools that calculate and improvise the quality service and mechanisms for quality recognition in hospitality and tourism industry. It is important for the organizations to record, identify and consider the effect of cost-profit along with prioritising the process of quality improvement with in their business practices.

Key Words: Quality; Internal marketing; Quality Standards; Service Quality; Tourism and Hospitality; Internal Service; Internal Customer; Customer Satisfaction
Today, the service industry is able to occupy a well-known position in the society especially for developed and developing countries. There is an instant requirement for organized
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