The Role Of The Black Death In Medieval Religion

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Since church played a big role back in the day in their everyday life they believed the black death was the end of time. “Perhaps the black death weakened faith in traditional medieval Catholic spirituality and set off a quest for a deeper naturalistic understanding of human psychology and behavior and the expressions of a more personal sensibility (Cantor, page 25.)” The black death meant various things depending on who you asked in that time. The Catholics did not have a clear understanding of how severe this disease was. As it was thought to be a sign that God was coming down to punish people for their sins. When the disease kept coming full force, they then realized that the disease was not something that could be prayed away. The town doctors were summoning to attend to a patient first.…show more content…
The community believed that a priest could not do what a doctor could. For instance, the doctors were not liked because the church was mostly the center of everything because of how they put God first. The priest would go into the rooms of the sick, knowing they had no protection against the disease. By profession, they would enter the room to offer comfort and peace to the dying. The doctor would suit up with a protected mask over his face and gloves on his hand, before they would go in and start examining the patient. The gloves and the mask are used today in similar fashion to protect doctor and patient from any other diseases. Doctors use protective measures to protect the lively hood of society. If a patient is sick and coughs without covering his or her mouth, that might be dangerous or life threatening to doctors, the nurses, and other patients. A patient’s skin could be contagious from skin to skin contact without wearing any type of gloves or protection for the hands.
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