Prejudice And Racism In Schools: Case Study

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Race, which is distinguished by physical characteristics such as color of skin, hair type, and a variety of all different types of people. As I asked five different questions about race in school to a close friend the answers have surprised me and made me more aware of race and racism with schools still today. The five questions I asked him were: Did you ever feel that staff put a label on your race and saw you as someone you weren’t?, Did you ever feel out of place or secluded when going to school?, How were you effected based on your race compared to others in extracurricular activities?, Did you feel you received the same amount of help/encouragement as students of other races?, How did your school deal with bullying/discipline based on race? When interviewing Martino, I discovered how our experiences with school were similar, but the differences are what made me think about what really goes on during school. “America is as residentially and educationally segregated today as it was in 1970.” (Benjamin,2015) This quote made me realize how important and consistent racism is. Neither one of us felt that we were judged by our race when attending school or a label put on us individually, but as an entire race there were things that stood apart from each other. Another similarity was that we both felt comfortable at school and received the…show more content…
He was not allowed to play along with others because he had braid and considered to be unprofessional. He thought that this was the most racist moment he felt he experienced at school, while girls sports did not have the problem. The concept of race was carries to an extreme by defining whites as a biologically superior species and blacks as innately inferior and therefore incapable of learning or advancing themselves.”(Johnson,2012,pg.2) This wuote fit perfectly that they enabled him and others from playing because of a certain aspect of who they
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