The Importance Of Race And Religion In Singapore

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I definitely do not think that Singaporeans should be allowed to speak as they wish on race and religion. If someone was to offend another person’s race or religion it can disrupt the social cohesion in Singapore. After all, one of the reasons why Singapore has been so successful is the racial and religious harmony we have here. According to Article 14 of the constitution of Singapore, the statue explains that a) Every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression. b) All citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms and c) has the right to form associations. However, these statues do subject to certain clauses. The Parliament by law may impose on the rights of the person if he or she does or says defamatory statements or incites to an offence. In Singapore, we are given an adequate level of freedom of speech as we a democratic country after all. However, unlike in countries in USA where even if someone says something defamatory about a person’s religion or race, he or she would most probably not get charged but in Singapore, if someone was to defame another person, he or she can be charged. Despite of Singapore stand of freedom of speech, even if the statements of the person is defamatory to a race or religion, Singapore’s Parliament is willing to listen to defend One example was the Central Christ Church (CCC) vs. IMPACT magazine. The CCC has a unique set of rituals and practices that differ from other churches. Upon noticing this, IMPACT

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