Racial Stereotypes

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Firstly, we believe our respondents have personal experience with the racial advantage to Malays. When asked if respondents personally believe Malays have special privileges in Malaysia, a majority of 48 (96%) agreed that they do (Haque, 2003). This was consistent with our research. As stated before, the Malaysian Federal Constitution holds specific privileges for natives and bumiputeras only (Pusat Komas Malaysia, 2015). However, we believe that our age range plays a more influential factor to the high percentage. Based on our fairly youthful age group (16 - 22 year olds), we can deduce that all have received some form of education and from that, infer that some may have experienced racial partiality in the system. This is due to the fact…show more content…
For example, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has sparked interest from all nations to fight for justice for Africans Americans who are impulsively shot at by police, such as Philando Castile and Alton Sterling (Black Lives Matter, n.d.). In addition to that, the broadcast of Donald Trump’s constant ridicule at Mexicans by calling them “rapists” and “criminals”, among other derogatory terms may have also influenced our participants’ answers (Moreno, 2015). Participants may be referring to African Americans and/or Hispanics as those who are extra careful around police. Respondents may have a sense empathy towards those who are discriminated against, especially when they compare the situation of the minorities in America and view themselves as the minority in Malaysia. Some may even have personal experience with a sense of paranoia around the police due to the assumed negative perception law enforcers and politicians have against…show more content…
Footage of this occurrence was also featured in the CNN article regarding the issue which further reiterates the sense of racial disparity towards African Americans (Blau, Morris & Shoichet, 2016). There was also the case of therapist Charles Kinsey (unarmed at the time of being detained), who got tased by two police officers even though he posed no threat and lay flat on the ground obeying the officer 's orders (Shoichet, 2016). The officers suspected he was trying to harm his patient who was mentally ill and was running around in public (Shoichet, 2016). The media taints the ideologies and views of people and brings in a huge social swing to how people believe and perceive certain
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