The Importance Of Racial Advantage To Malaysians

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Firstly, we believe our respondents have personal experience with the racial advantage to Malays. When asked if respondents personally believe Malays have special privileges in Malaysia, a majority of 48 (96%) agreed that they do (Haque, 2003). This was consistent with our research. As stated before, the Malaysian Federal Constitution holds specific privileges for natives and bumiputeras only (Pusat Komas Malaysia, 2015).

However, we believe that our age range plays a more influential factor to the high percentage. Based on our fairly youthful age group (16 - 22 year olds), we can deduce that all have received some form of education and from that, infer that some may have experienced racial partiality in the system. This is due to the fact that most educational institutions in Malaysia consist of many different races. Hence, our respondents may have been or are exposed to various cultures, including Malays, and can view the racial disparity from firsthand experience. For example, MARA University of Technology provided favourable acceptance to Malays exclusively (Malakolunthu & Rengasamy, 2012). Other forms of racial profiling in the education system include prejudiced remarks by school teachers, support to eliminate vernacular schools, confiscation of religious items and physical abuse, all of which are possibilities of undocumented experiences our respondents may have gone through (Pusat Komas Malaysia, 2015).

Next, participants may sense an unfair rule for the race

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