The Role Of Racial Discrimination During The Holocaust

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During the Holocaust, approximately six million Jews were killed (Holocaust Encyclopedia, 2015). Was the so called “racial inferiority” a suitable reason to take away the lives of these human beings? Culture shapes from our way of thinking to the ways we act and the materials objects that together form our way of life. Within the broad concept of Culture is the nonmaterial culture which includes morals and values. Unfortunately, society has forgotten the treasured value of Respect and it has cost the peace that we all want. The lack of respect has become one of the major contributors to discrimination against race and women.
Race discrimination has played a prodigious role on the world and sadly it led to monstrous instances in its history such as the Holocaust. Some might say that it is not affecting society today but discrimination is still stirring on the Twenty First Century. Racial discrimination is present from large organizations (called Social Institutions by Karl Marx) to even our own schools. For instance, on January 22 2015, McDonald was sued for racial discrimination in Virginia. According to BBC News (2015), McDonald fired ten
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Racial discrimination affects us all because the day comes when one is left alone and meets other people who are not the same complection. I can recall my experience here at the University of Belize. I was taking English on a summer and most of my classmates were blacks and only about 3 of us were Hispanics and I can tell you that by the way those black students (especially the girls) looked at me, I could feel the difference between us and it was horrible. Hence, racial discrimination is not only affecting other countries but it is also affecting our very own Jewel. If we would show respect, instances like this would not happen. By showing respect we would learn to appreciate and care about one another regardless of racial

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