The Importance Of Racial Segregation

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Racial segregation was another problem of the United States after the Civil War. It affected everyone, not just the colored. But what even is this racial segregation? Well, racial segregation is the intentional separation of different racial groups. And this separation happened just because people of color wanted to be treated like people and not just as slaves. In addition to this, segregation happened after an amendment was made ensuring equal rights for all citizens. This in mind, segregation is wrong because it violates the law. Not to mention the protests that might become physical as they go on. To begin with, isolating racial groups is incorrect because it is violating an amendment that was specifically made to stop this kind of discrimination,…show more content…
“When the black students, known as the “Little rock Nine,” attempted to enter Central High School, segregationists threatened to hold protests and physically block the students from entering the school,” states the second paragraph of source 2. Yes the segregationists only threatened the students but, a threat is no better than protests and physical injuries. And since these people threatened those students, not only did they probably feel unsafe, they were in fact really not safe. Because as the sixth paragraph of source 2 declares, “they faced physical and verbal abuse from their white peers. The Little Rock Nine, just as during the pro-segregation protests, not to respond or react to these taunts.” This evidence shows that not only are these students getting physically abused, they are also getting verbally abused which is no different from physical abuse. Given that these things were happening, the pro-segregation protests would indeed be happening because even their fellow schoolmates are abusing them. As has been noted, segregation will, as expected, lead to protests where somebody gets hurt either it be physically or
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