Sociological Concepts Of Racism

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Racism like other sociological concepts has existed throughout human’s history. It is defined as the conviction that a particular race is superior to the other according to their moral and social characteristics. This term is often negatively viewed, especially in terms of morals; therefore, if somebody appears to be a racist, he or she is described as unworthy or immoral. The believe that passage of civil rights legislation did away with racially discriminatory practices has made most white Americans and African Americans to lack recognition that racism exists. Wellman, (1993) emphasizes that race is a solemn category in America, how one is racially chosen greatly affects the experience of being an American. A good example is racism at work…show more content…
It is therefore important to educate the individuals in society on the importance of having respect for all its sectors, which will help in embracing a diverse and pluralistic society. An individual is not born with the knowledge of racial discrimination, as children they learn from their parents, the society’s ways of life and religion. This explains that ways in which an individual is socialized can make them have a negative attitude towards a particular race, Therefore it is important for institutions at different learning levels come up with diverse strategies that will aid in educating students on the bad effects of racism. Racism victims not only need to be protected and acknowledged but their quality of life also needs to be improved. These victims are mainly women, children, refugees, and migrants from other countries like the black Americans. It is advisable to actively support them financially and provide an environment where they do not feel discriminated. Research on public policy development should be done to investigate on the root cause of racism and its
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