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The typical American classroom is becoming more diverse culturally, which warrants the need to be more educated about student differences. The educator has to be aware of students’ backgrounds, in order to help them grow as learners. Understanding different cultures ensures the ability to meet the students where they are to better educate them. Each learner is different, and it is helpful to know they best way to teach students from different races and cultures. By educating future teachers, exploring culturally diverse schools, and learning about racism and culture through museums, the teaching work force will be better equipped for educating all children, or Americans future.
Educating Future Teachers According to the article “Breaking the Yoke of Racism & Cultural Biases”, it can be found that pre-service teachers have the power to meet the needs of individual students in regards to diversity, race, and culture. These future teachers are becoming more female and more white, while the students are growing more and more diverse in race and culture. It would be ideal for the teaching workforce to become more diverse; however, that does not seem like an easy or quick solution. One of the many ways to limit racism and to encourage the use of culture it to inform future teachers of these issues in their education courses in college (Christian &
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