The Importance Of Radio Music

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The songs on the radio today has a wide variety of genres: from the seemingly infamous country to the exceedingly popular vulgar rap and pop picks of adolescents. Each genre has its own unique idiosyncrasies associated with its songs; the popular rap on the radio tends to focus on raunchy subjects, country is synonymous with the specific twang of their songs, and pop often has a strong attitude about them accompanied by a vocalist with a voice that cuts through the several layers of instruments. Without hesitation, people declare any song they hear on the radio “music” because that it what it is in the general sense; there is no other term to associate with these combinations of voice and instruments. However, taking in consideration the official Merriam-Webster definition of music, “Vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion,” it becomes a controversial matter…show more content…
Society’s new favor towards easily-interpreted lyrics and preference towards frequently used musical methods have tainted the connotation of music as being any song on the radio. It is not urgent that everyone have an extensive knowledge in music theory, but it is important that society does not lose perspective of music, the art of sound, ambiguity, and emotion.
It is evident through many examples of innovation that advancement in a certain field encourages further advancements and discoveries; the excitement of innovation seldom leads inspires society to take a moment and respect the fundamental principles of the matter. This is issue is apparent with music today for there a new significantly increased accessibility to music production has reached a milestone. Today pretty much anyone can buy and install a Digital Audio Workspace (DAW), which is practically and beautifully a personal studio

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