Essay On Screen Radiography

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of radiology is to obtain images which are adequate for the clinical purpose with minimum radiation dose to the patient. If optimum performance is to be achieved, assessment of image quality must be made to balance against patient dose. X-rays are known to cause malignancies, skin damage and other side effects and therefore are potentially dangerous. It is therefore essential and mandatory to reduce the radiation dose to patients in diagnostic radiology to the barest minimum (Watkinson, Moore’s., 1984). Radiographers are technologist who create and analyze the x-ray image.
Diagnostic radiography plays an important part in the treatment of neonates in the intensive care unit and high care unit. Neonates are considered to be new born babies Early
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When new x-ray equipment is procured, the ideal situation is that a specification is laid down, as far as possible, concerning performance, safety and other characteristics of the system.
4.3 Training of radiographers and physicians
Image analysis.Training is needed to notice a pattern especially when there is more than one cue. Both radiographers and physicians need to focus on suspicious areas such as the lightness of an image, the gray scale or blurriness of the image taking into account the neonates’ pathology or specific region of interest chest/abdomen. An image critique form can be used for this.
4.4 Improving technical charts
A radiographic technique chart should be available for use with every mobile machine. The chart should display, in an organized manner, the standardized technical factors for all the radiographic projections done with the machine. There should also be a calliper and other necessary devices (on the machine in cases where patient is stable enough for radiographer to take a measurement of the thickest body part and adjust exposure
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