The Importance Of Rap Music

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Rap emerged into the mainstream of the music world in late 1979 but seems to be fueling up more of a flame in today’s society. “Although rap is frequently criticized for its violent lyrics, this reputation primarily emerged from a subgenre called ‘gangsta rap,’ which became popular with artists such as Ice-T and the group N.W.A. in the 1980s. Gangsta rap frequently includes profanity and glorifies drugs and violence and is particularly criticized for portraying inner-city youth as leading violent lifestyles”(Rap (Music)). Today’s rap messages differ from the 80’s and 90’s, but a few things have stayed. Violent lyrics and the promotion of drug use is not something new, but something that may be causing more issues today. Some people believe that rap music does not promote drug use nor violence, but is an expression of truth in today’s world and emotions the rapper may have. Rap music is one of the key promoters of violence and drug use among society and its listeners today. There was a study that found that listening to rap is far more strongly correlated with property crimes than crimes of violence among urban youth. The likelihood of committing such crimes is probably increased by poverty rather than musical preference (Copley, Jennifer. Listening to Rap..). This statement shows that rap does not provoke violence; although, it does promote it. Provokement is the act of stimulating or giving rise to a reaction or inaction in somebody. Promoting is giving publicity to,

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