The Importance Of Rape In Young Adult Literature

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The world is full of brutality - crimes so disgusting that it makes every headline on the topic the frontline act of any news broadcast or newspaper. Over the last couple of months, big names in Hollywood like producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey have been ousted as perverts responsible for sexual harassment. While the subject is no longer taboo in Hollywood, it is still a forbidden topic within the world of Young Adult literature. While there are some books within the genre that explore the topic of rape, there are not many. While some people can list more books on both hands, I can only list a few and that’s only on one hand. Today’s discussion will be on how rape should be approached in the Young Adult category and how authors can raise awareness of the topic without causing controversy. Why Rape Is A Taboo Subject Authors like to go all out when it comes to their works. They have a goal to tell a close close their hearts and that will inspire others. When it comes to the Young Adult demographic (12-25), rape is often a topic that is taboo. For anyone who is a parent, not talking about rape to their kids is often their way of wanting to ‘protect’ their child from the harsh realities of the world. However, with technological advices and libraries no longer having a ‘restricted’ section of fiction that they aren’t allowed to read from, readers can how jump online to research the topic for themselves and adults can’t stop them from doing it - protection from

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