The Importance Of Reading And Reading Comprehension

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Access to information is made easy through the many journals and magazines available on a multitude of topics. Also there is prosperity of information on the World Wide Web (the Internet) which is available for access by users. While information availability and access is increasing, most people find that they have less time to read the material they require, or are interested in .As your reading speed skills improve; you will be able to read more materials in the same time and as a result can focus further on important details in the reading materials. Reading speed is an important aspect in teaching reading because only skillful readers can quickly and easily get familiar with the words of a text. Becoming familiar with words in the text should be an automatic and unconscious process without applying effort. Therefore there are some reasons that encourage the learners to increase their reading speed like: Achieving higher efficiency; saving time (Garaibah, 2003); reading with pleasure (Bergquist, 1984); providing the reader with a variety of up-to-date reading materials; increasing the speed of comprehension because the reader can extract meaning from paragraphs more accurately (Amarnah, 1998); and familiarizing the reader with the newest in scientific research and knowledge (Dudly, 1993). Reading speed was defined as speed measured in words per minute on particular texts at a level proper to the learners (Bell, 2001). It is a primary component of reading

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