The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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Growing up reading and writing have been a huge part of my life. My parents introduced books to me and my sister at an early age. My father is a teacher and he knew the importance of having books in the house readily available to us. I remember in the summers when on break from school going to the local library almost every weekend to and getting a huge collection of book so that we could read and earn prizes during their reading program. I was formally taught to read and write as early as five years old. I attended a Montessori school from ages 3-5. It was very important to be able to identify letters and sight words at an early age. After Montessori school, I attended private parochial school until graduation. The academics and courses were much more rigorous than the local public high school and the grading scale was different as well. I think the more seriousness of the academics has allowed me really to excel and do well in college course.
I liked reading the typical popular books by Doctor Seuss, Eric Carle and Jan Brett were some of my favorite picture books. When it came to advancing my reading skills that is when I struggled. I went to title 1 reading classes in first and second grade. During those years it was hard to find books I liked. When given the opportunity to check books out of the school library my interested were geared more towards nonfiction books and magazines. I loved reading magazine’s some of my favorites were National Geographic Kids, highlights
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