The Importance Of Reading Comprehension

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Comprehension is integral to academic success. It involves more than reading words. According to Cain and Oakhill (2006), the lack of proficiency in reading comprehension influences the learning process. The National Reading Panel (2000a) (NRP) describes reading comprehension thus: Comprehension is a complex process . . . often viewed as the essence of reading. ‘Reading comprehension is . . . intentional thinking during which meaning is constructed through interactions between text and reader. . . . The content of meaning is influenced by the text and by the reader’s prior knowledge and experience that are brought to bear on it. (pp. 4–5). Similarly, Jennings, Caldwell, and Lerner (2010) posit that reading comprehension is vital to any reading program. Reading comprehension enables readers to interact with text quickly and accurately (Hudson, Torgesen, Lane, & Turner, 2012). Reading comprehension encompasses a minimum of two individuals: author and reader (Bursuck & Damer, 2011). This is a multifaceted process that requires active interaction between the reader and the text in order to ascertain the author’s message (National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, 2014; Shanker & Cockrum, 2010). Reading Comprehension Skills. Reading is debatably one of the most critical skills needed for academic success (Rao & Barkley, 2009). According to Rao (2009), the objective of reading is to apply comprehension skills in order to gain knowledge. The act of reading
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