The Importance Of Reading Comprehension

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Comprehension is the heart and soul of reading (Tyson, 2014). This simply means that reading is impossible without comprehension, there is no reading. One must understand what he reads. Thus, when reading comprehension is improved, literacy level will also improve. It is imperative then, that teachers invest time and effort in the development of the reading comprehension of their learners. It is very essential the learners to develop their reading skills in order for them to be productive readers.

Comprehension occurs in the transaction between the reader and the text. Furthermore, Celce- Murcia (1996) claimed the reader is supposed to draw information from a text and then combine it with information he has. In the same way, Perfetti and Adlof (2012) claimed that reading comprehension entails cognitive processes that operate on many different kinds of knowledge to achieve many different kinds of reading tasks. Ronan (2015) considered that the comprehension of a text is made up of smaller pieces which must come together in perfect harmony: background knowledge, interest in the topic, vocabulary skills, and the ability to make inferences and judgments are all required, along with many other skills.
Numerous studies and experimentations on enhancing reading comprehension continue to proliferate in the world of research. Different teaching approaches and methods have been explored and incorporated in teaching in the hypothesis that reading skills will be enhanced and that
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