The Importance Of Reading Essay

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Literacy should be a priority for everyone; it is a basic skill that is used far more than we are conscious of, from reading books, to articles, to even status updates. At a certain point, we do not even have to try to read because it becomes second nature to us. Everyone has his own literacy story, and it has affected his life in at least one way. When my parents enrolled me in Mrs. Heard’s kindergarten class, my heart was set on learning to read. She taught me the basics of reading, which made me more eager. For instance, I would ride down the road looking at various signs trying to decipher their meanings. One day my mom and I were driving down to see her parents, so I could spend the day with them. While at a stop sign, I simply said, “Jet…show more content…
She instilled in me the importance of reading at an early age by making me complete all reading assignments and homework before anything else. After my classmates and I became more advanced in our literary skills, Mrs. Heard began sending us home with about five books to read. Once school was out, I would go straight home and sit at my desk to read my books, complete any other homework, and enjoy a snack during the process, a great routine I still complete to this day. This was so much fun to me, and it stayed that way until my neighbors, Katelyn and Keriann Hanson, came over to play. Once I heard their knocks on the door, I would immediately put up my books and go put on my shoes to go play. My mom would make me return to my desk and finish my required reading before I could even think about going out with them. She would either send the girls home telling them that I would meet them at their house later or let them come in and wait. At the time, I did not like this rule at all. Before, I thought she was insane for taking away even more of my playtime, however, now that I am older, I am so thankful for all her “insane” rules, because it has shaped me into who I am today by helping me keep my priorities

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